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Metaverse, Web3, NFTs : The tools for a truly decentralized future

web3, Metaverse, NFT

If the crypto community can successfully decentralize the internet, “it’s a future really worth getting excited about,” said NFT3 founder Dylan Dewdney.Attendees to the BlockDown Croatia 2022 festival were witness to Cointelegraph’s discussions around sociopolitics of the Web3 ecosystem, non-fungible tokens (NFT) and the Metaverse. It turns out that ongoing innovations across the crypto ecosystem […]

What Is Cryptocurrency Utility and Why It’s Important for the Development of Crypto Payments

Cryptocurrencies have come a long way in the recent decade, evolving from a marginalized payment method for questionable transactions to publicly traded instruments on the largest global exchanges. Nonetheless, these drastic changes remain insufficient for fulfilling the “currency” function of the crypto. Specifically, cryptocurrencies are far from competing with fiat currencies for becoming the medium […]

Ethereum Merge Might Happen in August as Testing Enters Final Round

Speaking at the Permissionless 2022 Conference in Florida, the U.S., Ethereum Researcher Justin Drake disclosed that the merge of Ethereum (ETH) might happen in August. Market insight provider Bankless pointed out. He noted: Meanwhile, Ethereum core developer Preston Van Loon shared similar sentiments that testing was in the final stages and said: The merge, which […]

Can Tron Fill The Hole In DeFi Left By Terra?

Tron (TRX) token has come out as the top gainer among major cryptocurrencies in May. The blockchain appears to be among the few that stood their ground amid the massive market crash last week. The TRX token has managed to surge by 20% in the last 30 days, while Bitcoin (BTC) is still down by […]

CoinCorner Launches NFC-Enabled Bitcoin Card Powered by Lightning Network

Crypto exchange and web wallet provider CoinCorner has announced the launch of its Bolt Card, a contactless Bitcoin (BTC) card powered by near-field communication (NFC) and the Lightning Network (LN). The card allows users to leverage the power of the LN, a layer 2 (L2) payment protocol layered on top of Bitcoin that makes fast […]

Could Shiba Inu coin become the next Terra Luna?

According to cryptocurrency experts, Shiba Inu is almost in the same category as Terra Luna. The market is still down, although most of the coins have recorded an impressive recovery in the last few hours. Among the coins that have recorded a good recovery this time is Shiba Inu, which had been one of the […]

Shibarium’s Private Testnet is Live! Public Testnet Coming Soon!

So great news seems to be coming for the Shiba Inu faithful. A few announcements have come out and seem to have gone under the radar. One of which may be the most beneficial update in 2022 so far. First, we now know that the official team that is working on Shibarium with Shib Devs […]

How Do USDT, USDC, UST Compare?

Stablecoins are taking an increasingly growing market share of the overall crypto markets as the demand for digital dollars continues to rise among crypto investors. Read on to learn about the similarities and differences between USDT, USDC, and UST in this stablecoin comparison guide. What is USDT? Tether (USDT), created by Tether Limited, is the […]

Major Bitcoin & Crypto Companies Warn of ‘Extreme’ Risk in Proof-of-Stake Systems

The risk of corporate capture is extreme in proof-of-stake (PoS) systems as PoS transforms novel financial systems into pure plutocracies; dozens of US-based high-profile companies warned in a letter to the US Environmental Protection Agency. The companies were firing back at the attack by Congressman Jared Huffman who recently described Bitcoin (BTC) mining as something […]

Bitcoin Funds Sees Largest Weekly Outflows in a Year

Bitcoin Funds Sees Largest Weekly Outflows in a Year, ‘Hawkish Rhetoric’ to Blame. Investment funds backed by bitcoin (BTC) last week saw their largest outflows for a single week since June of 2021; with USD 132.7m being withdrawn by investors, according to data from the crypto investment and research firm CoinShares. The outflows from crypto […]