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View Helpers

Writing and maintaining HTML markup can be quickly become a tedious tasks because of the naming conversions and numerous attributes that have to be taken into consideration. Phanbook build on Phalcon so it have full feature view helper Phalcon

Take look some examples:

Assigning HTML attributes:

{{ text_field("price", "size": 20, "maxlength": 30, "placeholder": "Enter a price") }}

The following HTML is generated:

<input type="text" name="price" id="price" size="20" maxlength="30" placeholder="Enter a price" />

Static content hepler

Phalcon also provide helpers to generate tags such as script, link or img. They aid in quick and easy generation of the static resources of your application

{# Generate <img src="/your-app/img/hello.gif"> #}
{{ image("img/hello.gif") }}

{# Generate <img alt="alternative text" src="/your-app/img/hello.gif"> #}
{{ image("img/hello.gif", "alt": "alternative text") }}

To see full example go to