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Welcome to Phanbook. Our mission is to give you an advanced tool for creating fast Questions and Answers websites and also creating blogs easily with PHP.

What is Phanbook

Phanbook is the next-generation Q&A software. It is an online discussion and question/answer site for professionals and enthusiasts. The name Phanbook means – Phan (Phalcon PHP) book (your notebook).

The aim of Phanbook is Q&A software, but you can use it to created Forum, Blogging, or CMS that are awesome.


  • Fast and simple. No clutter, no bloat, no complex dependencies. Phanbook is built with Phalcon PHP so it is quick and easy to deploy.

  • Beautiful and responsive. This is Q&A software for humans. Phanbook is carefully designed to be consistent and intuitive across platforms, out-of-the-box.

  • Powerful and extensible. Customize, extend, and integrate Phanbook to suit your community. Phanbook's architecture is amazingly flexible, prioritizing comprehensive APIs and great documentation.

  • Easily deploy With Docker and Vagrant you can easy deploy. You can use Docker to deploy to production and with Vagrant you can setupa development environment.

  • Blogging Create a beautiful, independent online publications.

  • Free and open. Phanbook is released under the GNU General license.


We want Phanbook to be the most powerful Q&A software out there, and we have a huge list of ideas that we want to implement. It will take more time, but Phanbook’s flexible plugin system will mean we can release early and often. Here is a snapshot of what we will be working on first:

  • Multiple Themes

  • Spam Blocking

  • Markdown and rich text editing support

  • Powerful search with Elasticsearch

  • Single sign-on (Facebook, Google, GitHub, et al.)

  • Topic/Tags subscriptions and digest emails

  • File attachments

  • Post flagging/reporting and an intelligent auto-moderation system

  • Rewards, badges, and gamification

  • Q&A format and voting

  • Simple CMS and Blogging plaform

  • The modular structure with a convenient hierarchy that is based on namespaces

Core Team

Thanks to the efforts of these people Phanbook continues to develop:
( in order of occurrence in the project )

Now that you're here, why not start contributing as well? :) Issues and pull requests are always welcome.


Phanbook is not only about performance; our goal is to make it robust, rich in features, and easy to use!